Thursday, March 5, 2009

The greatest pizza sauce in a can of all time


I just found out that I've been calling this product by the wrong name for my entire life. Just now. While searching for this picture. I thought it was Dom Pepino, whereas it is actually Don Pepino. That is so Jersey of me. Then again, I am out and proud about being from The Jerz so what do you expect?

There's not a lot to say about Don Pepino pizza sauce except that it is the greatest commercially available pizza sauce ever made. It is delicious, zesty, and most importantly, made with actual tomatoes instead of paste or tomato byproducts. Beyond being delicious on pizza, we use it as a base for pasta sauce, or on fake chicken patties to make microwave "chk'n parm," and I especially like to put it on pierogies. I'll level with you: I've been known to eat it by itself. It's delicious. The website (see below) lists a few different products but I would just stick to the rippled yellow can and enjoy!

Don Pepino on the web.

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  1. I thought it was Dom Pepino, too... hell if I was asked, I would've spelled it with 2 "p"s! Anyway... you've inspired me to bring back Pizza Friday. After a second, very successful loaf of bread tonight (so successful I'm trying to restrain myself from eating the whole damn loaf tonight) I'm feeling very ambitious and excited to make my first pizza. Let's see... peppers or no peppers? Hard decisions man.