Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the mailbag - Pizza at the gym!

My darling sister, Stupidcleese, sent me this email the other day and I wanted to share it with the pizzaverse.

Your blog also just reminded me that I missed Pizza Monday at the gym this month. Damn. It will never cease to amuse me that my gym gives everyone who is sweating out their weekend sins pizza (to, of course, replace these newly sweated-out sins and guarantee our return to "work off" the pizza we shamefully shoved into our mouths because, well, it's pizza. and even better? it's free!) the first Monday of the month. The pizza isn't very good. [...] It's a regular pie disguised as a sicilian---square pieces does NOT equate sicilian--often overly soggy and sitting too hot in a closed box for too long. But it's free. And when I'm running on the treadmill I often think of pizza. Pizza Monday at the gym is like the universe reading my mind.

To me, this is one of the most brilliant schemes I've ever heard. A vicious cycle of pizza and treadmill, guaranteed to bring you back for more of both. If they gave out pizza at my gym I would go every day.

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