Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old City Pizza

My friend and I found ourselves looking for a place to have lunch that was equidistant to our respective offices. Old City Pizza was the answer, a corner pizza/sandwich restaurant that does booming business on weekday lunches and tourist weekends. OCP is located half a block from the Betsy Ross House in the historic section of Philly. (I should say one of the historic sections of Philly - we are chock full o' history here.)

We opted to share a small pepperoni and an order of fries. OCP offers a wide variety of specialty pizzas, but sometimes you just need to go simple. Old City Pizza is not my favorite local option, but it's not bad. The sauce is fantastic - lots of herbs mixed in so it's more savory than most of the local favorites (we'll get into my hatred of Lorenzo's famous slices in a later post). The cheese is fine, a little uneven in spots. The crust is where we run into trouble. It's not quite a deep dish crust, but it isn't thin, either. It's crispy but oily. It's fine, but it makes for a more filling pizza. I like to be able to ingest as much pizza as possible, so thicker crusts are harder for me to love because they make it hard to get through more than 2 pieces.

All in all, Old City Pizza is a fine idea for lunch or an improvised meal plan, but I don't know that I would seek it out as a destination. If you're planning a trip to the Betsy Ross House soon, let me know and I'll direct you to some much better pizza, just a few blocks away.

Old City Pizza
100 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 574-9494

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