Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Key Pizza: horrible

When my former roommate and I first moved to Philadelphia, we had a whopping 16 people helping us schlep furniture and boxes up to our new third floor apartment. My roommate had come from Chicago in a gigantic Uhaul and picked me and my stuff up in South Jersey on the way. In exchange for helping us move, we bought everyone pizza. The only problem was that we had just moved in, so we didn't know where to get a pizza. The kind folks at Key Pizza had slipped a menu under our front door, so we went with that.


Key Pizza was terrible. It was oily, lacked sufficient sauce, and had a crust vaguely reminiscent of cardboard. I only remember trying the cheese pizza, so I cannot comment on their toppings. Maybe that's a good thing.

I learned an important lesson that day. When shopping for an apartment, be sure to also shop for a pizza place. This is too often overlooked when moving, but is terribly important. You need to know if you are within delivery distance of decent pizza. Once we got to know the neighborhood a bit better, my roommate and I found a better pizza shop close by, but the memory of Key "Pizza" is burned in my brain forever.

If you must...

Key Pizza
1846 S 12th St, Philadelphia

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  1. There's a Key pizza in Fishtown too. They actually have some dope crust. The pizza itself? Not so much.